Greenwood Reopening Plan
May 30, 2020
David Schenaker


   Following the examples of the greats of our age we have been laser focused and listening intently to our community and have seen and heard the plight of our community with the shocking news of destructive budget cuts and less and desirable class schedules. We have waited, planned, and prepared and are proud and convinced that we have the means to address these concerns. Greenwood Christian Academy is the oldest Christian School in the WJCC area and we feel we not only have the dedicated staff, but THE strongest supporting families that have held us up through this historical time we now live.

   Well before COVID-19 became the global pandemic it is today; our school was prepared and ready with full online support through Microsoft Education and our teachers were ready to fully support our families we have the privilege to serve. It took tremendous time and training, but we are now able to focus on being the leaders in our industry through Christ-focused service in our community. Our desire is to address the fears in our community and find ways we can help alleviate them throughout the WJCC area.

   We conducted extensive research inside our core academic grade levels and have created a full digital lesson plan across our growing middle school to address the educational gaps in curriculum while simultaneously aligning ourselves with 4 different standards across the state of Virginia. Our unified focus is that we believe that it’s not about being the first inside our industry to innovate or make moves, it’s about being the one’s who can help the most people by correctly seeing the needs they are going through and addressing them.

   We have found ways to acknowledge the state requirements that the WJCC students would need to pass and held that standard up to our own and we found that we easily exceed those standards in our curriculum. As we moved into the STEM program a few years ago, we were able to maintain our focus and build upon this by unifying our educational goals for our students. This focus can best be described as building up the students’ confidence, character, and integrity by challenging them to think deeper, engage stronger, and react from a Christ-centered perspective that is enhanced through proper discussion fueled by academic research and conversation.

   As we look to reopen our schools our focus is not just on following established guidelines and making sure we are prepared for COVID and CDC recommendations. We feel that is expected, understood, and only scratching the surface of our social responsibility. What we care about is how are we focusing our attention on raising up leaders to become better leaders in an era that is lacking in leadership.

   COVID-19 stretched and exposed many things, but it really helped us to step back and accept the things we cannot change and change the things that were hindering our growth. Part of this change is focusing on personal and professional development of our staff to better educate them on how to be more effective so that they are able to properly duplicate that mindset down to the students. If all we do is communicate the standards of following the guidelines our message of hope falls flat and can only be seen as doing what everyone else is doing. We know we will meet those standards, but our goal is to exceed them! We feel that is the only way to properly communicate that we are here to serve our community not just to comply with state guidelines.

   With that in mind we are currently enrolling for the 2020/2021 school year and we would LOVE for you to tour both our main school as well as inquire about our Middle School program that will blend all of the benefits of a distance curriculum without denying the students of an in-person educational experience both academically and socially. With our technological advancements in place and several new innovations to the process of keeping our students safe, we are beyond excited to share that with you.

   The message of our growth is a collaboration of support from our teachers but more importantly of our families. Without them we would not have the ability to serve the community we live in properly. For those in the WJCC community we are here to help. We are freely giving our time and talent to help you in the journey you may have to tread next year and if you need help with transitioning from a public school to potentially private education we would love to help you by engaging in dialogue with you so that you are best prepared. If you are desiring to enroll, we are offering just our WJCC community 20% discount on tuition next year by August 1st for our elementary and middle school grade levels. We always look to help serve our community through competitive discounts for military, first responders, and pastors.