Greenwood Christian Academy Continues to Serve the WJCC Community
May 30, 2020
David Schenaker


     In response to COVID-19 we at Greenwood have been serving our community faithfully through not only finishing our school year strong with a smooth transition to online school across all our grade levels. Not only continuing education, but during the pandemic we helped to offer childcare to those who have been serving as essential personnel. Our Summer camp program continues to go strong, as we look at more ways to serve our community by allowing children to return safely to a sense of normalcy by safely allowing them to interact and have fun despite the pandemic. We feel it's incredibly important right now in these tumultuous times to have our children focus on what matters most to them in a healthy safe environment that focuses on social interaction and play. As we have all of our safety precautions in place, we are incredibly blessed to offer these services to our community so that children can learn, be safe, and just live a life of joy despite the negativity that swirls around us.

     The administration at Greenwood has also looked toward the next school year and in our period of incredible growth to find new, innovative ways to set up our school for effectiveness and service in the community as a whole. Among these advancements we have already added over 50 new individual desks to adhere to CDC guidelines, we have eliminated old toys and replaced them with toys that can be easily cleaned and sanitized. We have partnered with several companies that are dedicated to our school that focuses on not only helping to increase our technological footprint but also allows us to be one step ahead of those around us.

     Among the new advancements that will be installed in our school is the OneScreen GoSafe Body temperature & facial recognition scanner. This scanner will allow us to better focus on taking temperatures more accurately and with safer distance as our students return for an amazing school year. With our amazing partnership with Optech we are truly blessed to be assisted in our educational advancements they have provided us, and now the means to keep our students safe. These strategic partnerships are so important to our school. As we turn our attention towards the next school year, we have so much more to offer our community next year and we are so thankful we have the ability to serve our community through the next school year.